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Available Datasets

The API platform utilizes the concept of datasets to deliver a variety of data via the GET Data and POST Data endpoints. All datasets are associated with a dataset group and have a dataset name. Therefore the GET Data and POST data endpoints utilize the following structure:

/data/group/{group name}/name/{dataset name}

NOTE: Only the test dataset is available using your API Developer Center credentials obtained via the REQUEST API KEY menu option. The production dataset will only be available once you have gone through the production provisioning process.

API dataset group name dataset name test dataset name status production provisioning required
Market Transparency          
  OTCMarket equityShortInterest equityShortInterestMock available no
  OTCMarket thresholdList thresholdListMock available no
  OTCMarket weeklySummary weeklySummaryMock available no
  OTCMarket monthlySummary monthlySummaryMock available no
  OTCMarket blocksSummary blocksSummaryMock available no
  OTCMarket otcBlocksSummary otcBlocksSummaryMock available no
  Firm registeredIndividual registeredIndividualMock available yes
  Firm registeredIndividualBranchOfficeLocations registeredIndividualBranchOfficeMock available yes
  Firm registeredIndividualContinuingEducation registeredIndividualContinuingEducationMock NEW yes
  Firm registeredIndividualDeficiencies registeredIndividualDeficienciesMock available yes
  Firm registeredIndividualDisclosures registeredIndividualDisclosuresMock available yes
  Firm registeredIndividualEmployments registeredIndividualEmploymentsMock available yes
  Firm registeredIndividualExams (NEW NAME) registeredIndividualExamsMock (NEW NAME) NEW yes
  Firm registeredIndividualProfessionalDesignations registeredIndividualProfessionalDesignationsMock available yes
  Firm registeredIndividualRegistrations registeredIndividualRegistrationsMock available yes
  Firm registeredIndividualResidentialLocations registeredIndividualResidentialLocationsMock available yes
  Firm branchOffice branchOfficeMock available yes
  Firm branchOfficeDetails branchOfficeDetailsMock available yes
  Firm branchOfficeLocations branchOfficeLocationsMock available yes
  Firm branchOfficeFinancialActivities branchOfficeFinancialActivitesMock available yes
  Firm branchOfficeAssociatedIndividuals branchOfficeAssociatedIndividualsMock available yes
Fixed Income          
  FixedIncomeMarket treasuryWeeklyAggregates treasuryWeeklyAggregatesMock available yes
  FixedIncomeMarket marketSentiment marketSentimentMock coming soon yes
  FixedIncomeMarket marketBreadth marketBreadthMock coming soon yes