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These Specific Terms for Equity Data supplement the FINRA API Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) and, together with the Terms of Service and the API Program Terms, govern Developer’s use of the Query API to access and use the Licensed Data included in the “Equity” data category (the “Equity Data”). These Specific Terms were last updated on December 20, 2022. Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings given in the Terms of Service.


1.              Description.

1.1           Available Datasets. The Equity Data includes the following datasets:

All datasets in the “otcMarket” dataset group;

Additional information about the Equity Data can be found in the API Program Terms.

1.2           Permitted Developers. The Equity Data may only be accessed and used by Developers with valid Access Credentials for the Query API of the following types: Public, Firm or Organization.

2.              Use Rights.

2.1           Authorized Users. Authorized Users for the Equity Data are all employees of Developer and services providers acting on behalf of Developer.

2.2           Internal Use. Developer and its Authorized Users may access and use the Equity Data only for Developer’s non-commercial personal or professional use.

2.3           Redistribution. Developer may redistribute the Equity Data and any derivative data or Resultant Data to third party end users (“End Users”) for such End Users’ non-commercial personal or professional use only, subject to the following:

(a)            Attribution. Developer shall clearly identify FINRA as the owner and source of that Equity Data including any derivative or Resultant Data derived therefrom.

(b)            No Charge. Developer may not charge or collect from an End User any fee for such End User’s receipt and use of the Equity Data. For the avoidance of doubt, Developer may distribute Equity Data in conjunction with other fee-liable data distributed by Developer provided that there is no additional or incremental fee charged for the Equity Data.

(c)             No Further Redistribution. End Users shall not be permitted to further redistribute the Equity Data received from Developer.

(d)            Compliance Efforts. Developer shall take commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that End Users receiving Equity Data from Developer comply with the applicable terms and conditions set forth herein (for example, by requiring End Users to enter into agreements with Developer that require such compliance).

2.4           Derivative Data/Resultant Data. Developer is permitted to create derivative data and Resultant Data.

3.              Exceptions to Terms of Use. Not applicable.

4.              Additional Obligations. Not applicable.

5.              Additional Restrictions. Not applicable.

6.              Data Retention. Not applicable.

7.              Third Party Terms. Not applicable.

8.              Other FINRA Terms. Not applicable.

9.              Compliance with FINRA Rules. If Developer is a member of FINRA, Developer shall comply with the FINRA Rules applicable to Licensed Data accessible via the Query API. In the event of a conflict between the FINRA Rules and the Terms of Service (including these Specific Terms), the FINRA Rules shall prevail to the extent of the conflict.