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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have gone through the process of requesting test access to the API platform you will receive a confirmation email containing a temporary password.

You MUST follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email to reset the temporary password in order to fully activate your API access. If you do not complete this process in a timely manner this account may be terminated according to FINRA Entitlement Program rules.

Once you have changed your temporary password, the username and password  are used to create a Basic Auth token that you will include with each API Request.

NOTE: when changing your temporary password do not include special characters in your new password in order to be compatible with base64 encoding of the password as part of creating your Basic Auth token.

Please review the information on the Getting Started section of the website. This will help you understand the process of developing integrations with the FINRA API platform, including how to get started testing the APIs and how to request access to production data once your testing phase is complete.

The API Developer Center ( is a centralized website where developers, interested in integrating their software and systems with FINRA products and services, can go to discover, learn about, and get access to a suite of FINRA supported APIs.

The API Developer Center is a strategic FINRA initiative to support the automation goals of member firms and encourage the innovation opportunities that APIs offer to the broader financial services industry.​

The API Developer Center is designed to meet the needs of software developers within firms or service providers that have systems that they want to easily and quickly integrate with FINRA products and services.


DAPI stands for the Data API Platform and it is the cloud-based RESTFUL API platform that API Clients connect to.

Currently there is no direct charge to utilize the FINRA API Platform. The only requirement is that FINRA member firms requiring production access to the Registration API require a current WebEFT subscription which incurs a subscription fee.

FINRA is devising a go-to-market plan for the API service including usage based pricing, authentication/authorization, support, etc.

Additional information will be provided as the go-to-market plan is finalized.

Initially a Data Out API is being provided that will allow third-party applications to pull data from FINRA into their own systems or applications. Future plans include a Data In API and a Subscription/Notification API.

Visit the API Products page for an overview of available APIs and datasets, and visit the API Basics page for more details on the API REST endpoints currently available.

If you have a suggestion for a valuable API please submit a support ticket describing your need or idea.

Yes. The datasets available via the DAPI platform will include test datasets containing randomized data for test purposes. All API credentials provisioned via will have access to these test datasets.


  1. The test credentials can only access datasets identified as "MOCK" datasets. Test credentials CANNOT be used to access production data and the API user must go through the production provisioning process to gain access to production data (with the exception of the Market Transparency API, which is available without going through the production provisioning process.)
  2. The test data is a SAMPLE of the data available in production. It is not the complete dataset available in production.

An API support center is available on the API Developer Center, where you can submit a support request online or via email. Please review the FAQs in on the Support page as well as on the various Product pages before submitting a support request.

The FINRA API team will do its best to help you overcome any issues utilizing the API platform.

Yes. However, the FINRA member firm is required to go through the production provisioning process. Service provider access on behalf of firms cannot be done without the involvement and approval of the responsible individuals of the firm. Once the member firm has received production credentials, they may share those credentials with service providers according to the terms they have established with the service provider.