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Frequently Asked Questions

The API Developer Center is a centralized web presence where developers, interested in integrating their software and systems with FINRA products and services, can go to discover, learn about, and get access to a suite of FINRA supported APIs.

The API Developer Center is a strategic FINRA initiative to support the automation goals of the industry. In addition, FINRA wants to support and encourage the innovation opportunities presented by APIs and work with industry participants to create new solutions that improve risk management and lower regulatory costs for firms.

The API Developer Center is designed to meet the needs of software developers within firms or service providers that have systems that they want to easily and quickly integrate with FINRA products and services.

DAPI stands for the Data API Platform and it is the cloud-based RESTFUL API platform that API Clients integrate with.

FINRA is making its initial Registration APIs available as a part of the WebEFT subscription service while we continue to refine numerous aspects of the go-to-market plan (pricing, entitlement, operations, etc).  Our goal is to promote early access to the APIs to help the industry begin to evaluate the platform and plan development projects. The ultimate pricing of these and other forthcoming APIs published on the API Developer Center, will be finalized and announced in 2020.

Note: The current Market Transparency APIs do not require a WebEFT subscription.

An API support center is available on the API Developer Center. Additionally, frequent webinars and other events are planned to introduce the API platform and to answer questions for API developers. However, FINRA staff will not be available to help develop, debug, or test third-party applications or API calls at this time.

Yes. The datasets available via the DAPI platform will include test datasets containing randomized data for test purposes. All API credentials provisioned via will have access to these test datasets.

Initially a Data Out API is being provided that will allow third-party applications to pull data from FINRA into their own systems or applications. Future plans include a Data In API and a Subscription/Notification API.

In Q4 2019 a set of Registration and Disclosure (RAD) datasets will become available, via the Data Out API, that provides read access to branch and individual data. Additionally, market transparency datasets are available including ATS and Non-ATS Trade Data, the Equity Short Interest data and the Over-The-Counter Threshold data. Visit the API Products page for an overview of available APIs and datasets, and visit the API Basics page for more details on the API REST endpoints currently available.

Throughout 2020 the dataset catalog will be expanded. If you have a suggestion for a valuable API please submit a support ticket describing your need or idea.

Yes. However, the FINRA member firm is required to go through the production API service account provisioning process. Service provider access on behalf of firms cannot be done without the involvement and approval of the responsible individuals of the firm.


The initial registration API will only allow you to see data associated with your firm while we explore the ability to provide an API providing inter-firm individual data. If this is an important use case for your firm, or for your customers that are FINRA member firms, we encourage you to submit feedback via the Support Center and select the API Candidate category for the ticket. Please provide as much detailed information on the use case as possible, including contact information, as this will help us prioritize new API candidates.

Upcoming means that only test data is available for this API at this time. Once production data is available the API status will change to Live. You may access the test data to begin learning about the API with the caveat that changes may occur before the final API is live.


The key field in the Market Transparency API datasets that allows aggregation of the data is the "summaryTypeCode" field. The allowed values for this field for ATS data include:

  • ATS_W_SMBL will return ATS issue data aggregated by issue
  • ATS_W_SMBL_FIRM will return ATS issue data aggregated by ATS
  • ATS_W_FIRM will return data aggregated by ATS
  • ATS_W_VOL_STATS will return ATS statistics data

The key field in the Market Transparency API datasets that allows aggregation of the data is the "summaryTypeCode" field. The allowed values for this field for OTC(Non-ATS) data include:

  • OTC_W_SMBL will return OTC issue data aggregated by issue
  • OTC_W_SMBL_FIRM will return OTC issue data aggregated by ATS
  • OTC_W_FIRM will return data aggregated by OTC
  • OTC_W_VOL_STATS will return OTC statistics data


When initially launched the Market Transparency APIs did not require authentication because they are public datasets. Currently, requests to this API will still function without providing an Authorization header parameter. However, as a general rule you should authenticate every API request to the FINRA API platform. You should expected that all APIs will require authentication in the future, including the Market Transparency APIs, and therefore we strongly recommend you update your integrations to include authorization.