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Frequently Asked Questions


The fee charged for access to the FINRA API platform is made up of two components:

  1. A monthly API Connection fee when a Firm or Organization API Credential is created. This fee is charged once per API customer organization and NOT for each API credential created.
  2. A monthly data overage fee when the data usage associated with an API Credential exceeds 10 GB in a month.

There are four (4) production API Credential Types available:

  • Public
  • Firm
  • Organization
  • Web EFT Extension

Only the Firm and the Organization API Credentials incur the data overage fees.

The Public Credential does not incur fees but the data usage for these credentials is limited to 10 GB per month. The credential will become inactive once the 10 GB usage limit is reached until the beginning of the next calendar month.


Each Firm and Organization API Credential provisioned with the API Console has a 10GB data usage allocation per month. When this 10GB allocation is exceeded a data overage fee of $250 per additional 10GB used during the month will be charged.

Public and Test API Credentials are also limited to 10GB of data usage per month. However, when this limit is exceeded for these Credential Types, the credential is made inactive until the first day of the following month.

If your use of a Public API Credential requires more than 10GB of data usage per month on a regular basis, you may upgrade the credential to either a Firm or Organization Credential based on your API User Type.



All API Platform fees are incurred on a monthly basis. The monthly fee is prorated when an API Credential is created on other than the first day of a month. So for example, if an API Credential was created on 1/18/2022 the fee will include 13 days (through and including 1/31/2022) or 43% of the full monthly fee for the credential.

The API Platform fee is not prorated or refunded when an organization ends its use of the API platform. Any fees due for the current month are charged in full but are not incurred in subsequent months.Active credentials will continue to be available until the end of the current billing month.

The 10GB monthly data usage quota for each API Credential is not prorated or reduced for partial months.


  1. The monthly fee is also prorated if an API Credential type is upgraded during a month (e.g. a Public credential is upgraded to a Firm or Organization credential).
  2. The credential type or credential status may only be changed once during a billing month. For example, if you change the status of a credential to inactive, you will not be able to change the status or the type of that credential until the first day of the next month.


All API Credentials are provisioned using the API Console.

The API Console is a FINRA Gateway hosted app that provides a fully automated, self-service API credential management capability to FINRA’s API customers.

The process for accessing the API Console depends on whether you are affililated with an organization regulated by FINRA, affiliated with another financial services organization (e.g. vendor, service provider, insurance company), or an individual just interested in learning about the API Platform and testing it out, or using the platform for your own non-commercial purpose.

It is important to review the API Console documentation because there are preliminary steps that your firm/organization may have to complete in order to onboard to the API Platform.


All API fees are invoiced using FINRA's E-Bill service. E-Bill is accessed via FINRA Gateway.

The Super Account Administrator (SAA) at each firm, or an AA at each organization, can assign entitlement to E-Bill for employees.

Contact your SAA or AA to request access to E-Bill.


The API platform supports a one-time 30-day customer test period for each new API customer. This feature is designed to allow organizations to further test the API platform using production data before committing to a subscription. It extends the testing capabilities provided by the mock/test data available on the platform.

The first time a FIRM or ORGANIZATION credential is created by an API customer, the customer test period will automatically begin. This means no fees will be incurred during the first 30-days following the creation of the first credential. Once the test period has expired, fees will be incurrend and invoiced each month. If the credential is deactivated or deleted prior to the end of the customer test period, no fees will be incurred until the credential is reactivated or until another FIRM or ORGANIZATION credential is created.



The API console allows an API Customer to create up to five active FIRM or ORGANIZATION credentials at one time. This limit applies to all such credentials created by all API Console users entitled to access the API Console in an organization.

If your organizations requires additional credentials please submit a request to API support.


You will be charged for only the first Firm or Organization credential you create. Once you create the first PAID credential, you can create four additional credential free of charge.  Data limit of 10GB applies to each credential being used. There is a data overage fee of $250 per 10GB data used beyond the initial 10GB allowance of data usage per credential


Affiliated firms are not charged a separate credential fee as long as a parent org has a PAID (Firm) credential. Affiliated firms are however, responsible to monitor their data usage and will be charged for any overages incurred. To learn more about the FINRA API Affiliate program, click here.


Calling Notification API will NOT be counted toward the data usage.