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API Platform Fees

The fee charged for access to the FINRA API platform is made up of two components:

  1. A monthly API Credential fee for each credential provisioned by an organization or individual (based on the type of credential provisioned)
  2. A monthly data overage fee when the data usage associated with an API Credential exceeds 10 GB in a month.

There are three (3) production API Credential Types available:

  • Public
  • Firm
  • Organization

Only the Firm and the Organization API Credentials incur the credential and data overage fees.

The Public Credential does not incur fees but the data usage for these credentials is limited to 10 GB per month. The credential will become inactive once the 10 GB usage limit is reached until the beginning of the next calendar month.

Public* Firm** Organization** WebEFT***


per credential
per month


per credential
per month


per credential
per month

included with

4530 Filings
Fixed Income
Corporate/Agency Capped Volume
Securitized Product Capped Volume
Agency Market Breadth/Sentiment
Corporate Market Breadth/Sentiment
144A Market Breadth/Sentiment
FINRA Content
FINRA Rulebook
OTC (ATS/Non-ATS) Transparency
OTC Equities
Individual Pre-Registration Search
Registration Verification
(Pending Approval)
NOTIFICATION API (Targeted 2022)
SUBMISSION API (Targeted 2022)

*Public API Credentials are limited to 10GB of data usage per month

**Firm and Organization API Credentials incur a $250 per 10GB data overage fee beyond an initial 10GB per month of data usage

***Prior to 10/4/2021 a WebEFT subscription was required to obtain production Registration API Credentials. These credentials remain valid to access the WebEFT datasets shown above (WebEFT Credential Type).

  • New API users must contact the API team to obtain access to the full collection of Firm datasets shown above (Firm Credential Type). The WebEFT Credential Type is deprecated for new API users after 10/4/2021.
  • Existing API users should contact the API team to upgrade their WebEFT Credential if access to the full collection of Firm data is required.

If you are interested in exploring the API platform using test credentials, select the Request Test Access button in the Navigation Bar.

For more information please see the production access page.

If you have any questions please contact the API team at [email protected].