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Announcing the FINRA API Console

The FINRA API Console app will be generally available beginning 1/25/2022 to API users with access to FINRA Gateway.

The API Console provides fully automated, self-service API credential provisioning and management to FINRA API customers. It eliminates the manual process of obtaining production access to the API Platform and will provide API users with complete control of their API Credentials including invoicing and billing (via the FINRA E-Bill platform), usage tracking, and more.

Beginning 1/25/2022 all new API credentials must be provisioned using the API Console app, and previouse mechanisms for requesting API access are deprecated and no longer supported. The API team will no longer be able to manually provide access to the API platform.

Firm and Organization API users can request access to the API Console by contacting the Super Account Adminstrationr (SAA) or Account Adminstrator (AA) of their organization.

Individual API users will be able to create an API Console account via the API Developer Center.

The next version of the API Developer Center ( was also released on 1/25/2022 and provides details on using the API platform including the API Console app.

To get started with the API Console we recommend you review the following API Developer Center documentation:

  • Getting Started - brief overview
  • Term of Service - the general and specific terms of service that govern the use of the FINRA API Service including the entitlement of FINRA Entitlement User Accounts with the API Console Entitlement by an SAA/AA, the creation of  Indivdual User Accounts, and the creation of API Credentials by API Console users
  • API Console - describes the two key concepts necessary for understanding how access to the API platform is determined and controlled (API User Types and API Credential Types), and provides detailed instructions for getting started with the API console depending on your organizational affiliation and purpose.
  • Creating an API Credential - provides details on creating your first API credential to use when making API requests
  • API Fee Structure - understand what API capabilities are available for differen user types

Info for FINRA Member Firms

An authorized signatory for your firm will need to request that the API Console entitlement is assigned to the FINRA Entitlement Admin Account of your firm SAA, before firm users can access the API Console on FINRA Gateway.

Please direct the SAA to this page for specific details on getting access to the API Console Entitlement from the FINRA Entitlement team.

If you do not know who the SAA is for your firm, contact the FINRA Gateway Call Center at (301) 869-6699.

Info for Other Organizations

Organization's within the financial services industry, that are not regulated by FINRA, can still access the FINRA API platform.

The first step is to determine if your organization has a previous relationship with FINRA, defined as having a signed FINRA Entitlement Agreement (FEA) in place. Your organization will also have an Organization ID provided by FINRA and a designated AA who is also an Account Certification Representative for your organization.

Please direct an authorized signatory to this page for specific details on requesting onboarding which includes designating an Account Administrator/Certification Representative for your organization.

If you are unable to determine if you organization has a FINRA Entitlement Agreement in place, contact the FINRA Gateway Call Center at (301) 869-6699.

Info for Individuals

You are an Individual User if you plan to access the API Platform for your own purpose, regardless of your affiliation with a firm or other organization.

You will obtain access to the API Console by creating an Individual API User Account by selecting the Console button in the Navigation Bar and then selecting the Create Account Here link on the FINRA login page.

Note that if you previously created test API credential via the API Developer Center you do not need to create another account. See the information below.

More information for Individual Users is available here.

Important Information for Users Who Have Previously Created Test Credentials via the API Developer Center

Existing API Users who have created Test Credentials via the "Request Test Access" button on (no longer available) can use those credentials to access the API Console as an Indivdiual User without further action. There is no need to create an additional Individual Account to access the API Console, and the FINRA Login service will not allow multiple Individual Accounts to be tied to the same e-mail address.

Your existing Test Credentials can also continue to be used to access the mock data via API until 3/31/2022. At that time the Test Credential will convert to an Individual Account and can only be used to login to the API Console.

Therefore, once you have access to the API Console using your existing Test Credentials you should provision a new Test Credential via the API Console and use the new credential for your testing purposes. You may also provision a Public Credential to access the available public data via the console.

As always the FINRA API product team is available to help. Reach out if you have any questions, problems, or would like a demonstration of the API Console.