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Announcing the launch of Composite Individual, Individual Delta, and U5 Submission

We are very excited to introduce several enhancements below to the FINRA API Platform:

  • Composite Individual Dataset: This new feature offers comprehensive real-time data about registered individuals affiliated with your organization. In January 2024, we will be adding unique Ids for array elements and maximum attribute lengths in the schema. For more details about the dataset, please check here.
  • Individual Delta Dataset: This dataset empowers users to identify individual representatives whose information has changed within specific date and time ranges. Explore more about this dataset here.
  • U5 Submission: Users can now submit form U5 via the Submission API. This functionality will enhance user's experience and result in increased efficiency. To learn more about U5 Submissions, see here.
  • Credential Type Update: We've renamed the "Test" API Credential Type to "Mock" Credential Type, offering clearer terminology and understanding within the platform.

These changes are available in both production and QA Test environment. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.