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Announcing Registered Individual Search Endpoint

The FINRA API team has developed the RegisteredIndividualSearch endpoint after hearing from many firms about the need to pull registration information on potential candidates and new hires for whom firms may not have CRD ID information readily available. This endpoint minimize the need for manual procedures and supports a variety of compliance, information quality, and operations use cases. 

This new dataset enables firms to obtain CRD Numbers of registered individuals, regardless of whether the individual is associated with the requesting firm or not. Once you have the CRD Number of an individual, you can validate their registration using the Individual Registration Validation endpoint

To utilize the RegisteredIndividualSearch dataset, you must use a POST request and provide one of the following combinations as compare filters in the request body:

  1. SSN + Date of Birth of individual to search for
  2. Date of Birth + First Name
  3. Date of Birth+ Last Name