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Announcing the Registration Validation Endpoint

The FINRA API team has heard from many organizations about the need to validate the registration status of individuals across the industry, in order to minimize the need for manual procedures in support a variety of compliance, information quality, and operations use cases.    

On March 23rd, the FINRA API team is launching the Registration Validation endpoint as part of the Query API to address this need.

This endpoint allows FINRA member firms, as well as other financial services industry participants (e.g. insurance companies, mutual fund organizations, transfer agents, clearing firms, service providers, and FinTech solution providers) to validate the registration status of an individual, regardless of the individual's firm affiliation.

The scope of individuals included in this dataset include active registered individuals who are currently registered with a broker-dealer (inclusive of individuals registered as both RR & IAR). IA Only registered individuals are not included in this dataset.

Accessing the registration validation endpoint requires providing an individual CRD number as part of the API request which will return either a 404 error code, if the individual CRD# is not found, or a response payload containing the following information for a valid CRD#:

  1. Basic Information: Name, Individual CRD# 

  1. Current Employment: Firm Name and Firm CRD# 

  1. Registered States: State Name and Registration Status 

  1. Registered SROs: SRO Name and Registration Status

Specific terms of service apply to the use of the Registration Validation dataset, in addition to the overall API Terms of Service and be found here.

With the launch of the Registration Validation endpoint, API request format is being introduced to support single record datasets:

Registration Validation Endpoint Structure
GET /data/group/{group}/name/{name}/id/{id}

GET /data/group/registration/name/registrationvalidationindividual/id/1234567

The id path parameter is the required individual CRD#.


For information on obtaining API Credentials to test the Registration Validation endpoint please see the API Console documentation and visit the Registration Validation endpoint documentation for more information.

Contact the API team with any questions regarding this new capability.