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Beginning 2/19/2021 API requests will receive Status Code 400 when using sortFields parameter

API requests containing a sortFields parameter will receive a status code of 400 beginning February 19th, 2021.  

Due to the performance implications of API users trying to sort large datasets (some of which contain tens of millions of records) utilizing the FINRA API platform, the sortFieilds parameter has been unsupported for some time. To further protect the integrity of the API platform, we have imposed additional restrictions on the use of the sortFields parameter.

Beginning February 19th, 2021 the continued use of the sortFields parameter requires that the API request also includes a compareFilter with a compareType of EQUAL on any partition fields associated with the dataset. For example:

1. The weeklySummary dataset contains the weekStartDate and tierIdentifier partition fields. A compareFilter with compareType Equal is required for both of these fields when including the sortFields parameter in an API request.

2. The blocksSummary dataset contains the monthStartDate partition field. A compareFilter with compareType EQUAL is required for this field when including the sortFields parameter in an API request.

You can use the meta data endpoint to identify the partition fields for each dataset.

You can also remove the sortFields parameter from your request to resolve the error.

Please contact API support if further assistance is needed.