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FINAL REMINDER: New Test Credentials Required Before 3/31/2022

Test Credentials created via the "Request Test Access" button on the API Developer Center ( prior to 1/25/2022 will no longer work as a Basic Auth token for mock data API requests after 3/31/2022.

After 3/31/2022 accounts tied to previously created Test Credentials will convert to an Individual API Console account and can only be used to login to the API Console via FINRA Gateway. There is no need to create an additional Individual Account to access the API Console, and the FINRA Login Service will not allow multiple Individual Accounts to be tied to the same e-mail address.

After logging into FINRA Gateway using your Individual Account credential, you should provision a new Test Credential via the API Console and use the new credential for your testing purposes. You may also provision a Public Credential to access available public data.

NOTE: If you have already created a Test Credential via the API Console, no further action is required. Test Credentials created via the API Console will continue to work after 3/31/2022.

As always the FINRA API team is available to help. Reach out if you have any questions, problems, or would like a demonstration of the API Console.