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FINRA API Platform is Migrating to OAuth 2.0 Authentication

In order to improve security, FINRA is transitioning to OAuth2 authentication.  As such, the API platform will only support OAuth2 authentication starting June 1, 2022. 

OAuth 2.0 replaces long lasting credentials with limited life span tokens, resulting in improved security and control of FINRA data.

Current API users who have connected to the FINRA API platform using Basic Authentication should plan to migrate to OAuth 2.0 on or before May 31,2022. Both Basic Authentication and OAuth 2.0 authentication will be supported in parallel until that date, thus allowing users to test the new security model during this time. Users may convert to Oauth2 anytime between now and May 31, 2022, when Basic Authentication will be retired.

Please see the API Platform Basics section of the documentation for details on implementing OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Contact the API Team with any questions or issues migrating to OAuth2.