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Introducing API Credential Notifications

Beginning March 3rd, 2023, we are introducing a new feature that lets you receive notifications related to changes in API credential status, account deletions, and when you reach your data usage limit. These notifications will be sent via email and/or as web notifications on FINRA Gateway.  Notifications are sent for the following instances:

  1. When an API Credential reaches 50%, 90% or 100% of its monthly data usage allocation.
  2. When there is a change in API Credential status changes (from Active to Disabled or Disabled to Active)
  3. When an API Credential is deleted

Please note that you are automatically subscribed to receive web notifications in FINRA Gateway. To receive email notifications, you can subscribe by updating the "Delivery Medium" for "Credential Notifications" category under API Developer Center on FINRA Gateway Notification Preferences page.