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Introducing a new subscription feature to stay notified of the alerts, news and updates

Beginning September 1st, 2022, we have introduced a new feature that lets you subscribe to be notified about API platform status alerts, general alerts, and news & updates content posted on website via email or as notifications on FINRA Gateway or both. 

Please note in order to subscribe to the content above, you will need to have a FINRA Gateway account with access to the API Console. If you do not have  account you can obtain one by referring to the The API Console section under 'Getting Started' in the Documentation page. 

If you do have a FINRA Gateway account with access to the API Console, you can click the Subscribe button on the News & Updates page. You will be directed to the Notification Preferences page on FINRA Gateway if you are logged in. If you are NOT logged in, you will first be asked to log into FINRA Gateway and then you will be re-directed to the Notification Preferences page. You can then subscribe to the following categories of content under API Developer Center

  1. API Platform Status: Notifications dealing with system status of the API Platform
  2. General: Notifications dealing with general announcements on upcoming features and APIs 
  3. News & Updates: Notifications dealing with latest FINRA API news, upcoming events and releases

Now that News & Updates can be subscribed to via email or as notifications on FINRA Gateway, or both, the RSS feed for news and updates has been removed. Current RSS subscribers should move to the new subscription method because the RSS feed will be shut down by the end of September, 2022.