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New API platform usage limits beginning deployed after hours April 3, 2020.

The current maximum number of records returned in an API response is set to 100,000. If the limit parameter is not provided on a request the default limit is set to 1000. During the weekend of 4/4/2020-4/5/2020 an API release will be deployed that changes the platform usage limits to the following:

  • Maximum Record Limit: the maximum number of records returned by an API request. The maximum records returned is 5000 (default is 1000 if limit parameter is not provided).
  • Maximum Payload Size: the maximum payload size returned in the response payload. The maximum payload size returned is 3MB.

Whichever limit is reached first will govern the amount of data returned. For example, if the payload size reaches 3MB for a total of 1000 records, only 1000 records will be returned. Likewise, if a request results in 5000 records but the payload size is 1MB, only 5000 records will be returned.

API users should ensure their implementations that run on the first business day of the week are consistent with the platform usage restrictions documented here, prior to the publishing of new data on 4/6/2020.

NOTE: For those API users that have integrations that run continuously, including over weekends, production deployments scheduled during the weekend of 4/4-4/5 (after COB on 4/3/2020) may result in temporary outages or cause problems with your integrations if they do not adhere to the new usage limits prior to close of business on 4/3/2020.

Contact the API Support Team if you have any questions or difficulties.