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No Data Found API Response is Changing

Beginning September 10, 2020, FINRA will modify how the API platform responds to an API request that results in no data found.

Currently, the API platform responds with a HTTP status code of “200” and returns a JSON formatted response that includes a status code field and a message field set to "No data found for specified dataset request”, among other data.

Beginning September 10, 2020, the API platform will return a status code of “200” when no data is found but will return an empty JSON array rather than the current JSON formatted response.

This change is being made to allow API clients to read the payload in the same manner with or without data and is more consistent with industry standards.

For API requests that include an Accept header of text/plain the response will include the header row without any data rows and a status code of “200”.

API users should ensure their implementations can accommodate this change by September 10, 2020. The details regarding the API platform error handling approach can be found at