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Technical specifications for upcoming Submission API and its supporting notifications are now available on FINRA API Developer Center

The initial technical specifications for the Submission API and related notifications are now available on the FINRA API Developer Center website and can be found on the documentation page.

The Submission API allows third-party systems to submit filings and other data to FINRA via a standard submission interface. The initial use cases of the Submission API address submission of Create Individual and U4 requests. Subsequent releases of the Submission API will expand its scope to other types of filings. The specifications for notifications that are generated by the Submission API can be found here and accessed using the Notification API.

Please note that the Submission API and the supporting notifications are upcoming product features and are not yet available for integration. We are providing the initial technical specifications for the initial use cases described above to facilitate understanding and planning for those organizations planning API integrations in 2023. The final specifications may differ from this initial version as development of the API proceeds. To provide feedback or to ask clarifying questions contact the API team via email at [email protected]