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Release Notes

February 12th, 2024 Release Notes

Composite Dataset Updates

  1. Updated error message for the Composite Individual Dataset when the requested individual is not associated with the firm to "The requested individual <CRD Number> is not associated with this firm."
  2. Added following new attributes to the dataset response:
    1. exams.waiverRegulatorIdentifier
    2. exams.waiverReasonCode
  3. Composite Individual Dataset schemaVersion 1.2 changes from schemaVersion 1.1
    1. Added exams.waiverRegulatorIdentifier, exams.waiverReasonCode, and militaryDeferralApproved
    2. Updated "$ref": "#/AnnualContinuingEducationIIR" to "$ref": "#/AnnualContinuingEducation"
    3. Updated "$ref": "#/InvestmentAdviserContinuingEducationIIR" to "$ref": "#/InvestmentAdviserContinuingEducation"
    4. Updated "event" to "Event"
    5. Updated "exam" to "Exam"
    6. Updated Data Type for "score" from integer to string
    7. Updated to filing.instanceNumber