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Release Notes

March 2022 Release Notes

API Console

  • Reset API Client Secret: Self-service feature that allows API users to reset the API client secret of any credential from their API Console account 
  • Unlock API Credential: Self-service feature that allows API users to unlock an API credential from their API Console account in case their credential gets locked out for any reason. One example of credential getting locked out is multiple attempts to access credential with incorrect API client secret. 
  • If a credential has been created but not activated, its client secret will now appear as 'Pending Activation' until the API user activates the credential 

For more information on API Console, see the documentation.



On March 9th, the FINRA API team launched the Registration Validation dataset as part of the Query API. This endpoint allows FINRA member firms, as well as other financial services industry participants (e.g. insurance companies, mutual fund organizations, transfer agents, clearing firms, service providers, and FinTech solution providers) to validate the registration status of an individual, regardless of the individual's firm affiliation.


API Explorer

The FINRA API Explorer that provides interactive API documentation allowing users to try out API calls directly via the website is now available for the following additional datasets: Individual Pre-Registration Search and Individual Registration Validation. Click the 'TEST IT OUT' button from their respective sections in the documentation to go to the explorer page and try it out.