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Dataset Overview

The API platform utilizes datasets as part of the Data Query API to deliver a variety of data via the /data endpoint. All datasets are associated with a dataset group and have a dataset name. Therefore the /data endpoint utilizes the following structure:

/data/group/{group name}/name/{dataset name}

Each dataset has a test version associated with it as well as the production version. The test dataset appends the word "MOCK" to the end of the production dataset name to signifiy that the data returned is mock or test data and not production data.

Explore the available datasets for each API product by selecting the product links in the navigation menu on the left.

Historical Datasets

In addition to the production and mock dataset versions, a dataset may also have a historical version.

Historical datasets contain data that is typically more than a year old and facilitate access to a large span of prior period data. Historical datasets are identified by appending "HISTORIC" to the end of the production dataset name. Utilize the historical datasets to access previous period data and the production dataset for current period data (generally the last rolling twelve months of data).

Historical datasets provide limited filtering capability:

  • Only specific fields in the dataset can be used in a compareFilter.
  • The compareType must be EQUAL
  • Only one time based field can be filtered (e.g. date field).

In addition, historical datasets do not support sorting.

Explore the filtering details for each specific historical dataset by selecting the product links in the navigation menu on the left. Or use the /metadata endpoint to see more information about available filtering options for specific historical datasets.