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Fixed Income Datasets

The datasets shown in the table below are available as part of the Fixed Income API.

The API platform utilizes the concept of datasets to deliver a variety of data via the GET Data and POST Data endpoints. All datasets are associated with a dataset group and have a dataset name. Therefore the GET Data and POST data endpoints utilize the following structure:

/data/group/{group name}/name/{dataset name}



  1. Only the test datasets are available using your API Developer Center credentials obtained via the REQUEST API KEY menu option. The production datasets will only be available once you have gone through the production provisioning process, for those datasets requiring production provisioning (as shown in the table below).
  2. The data provided in the test datasets is a small SAMPLE of the data available in production.


API dataset group name dataset name test dataset name status production provisioning required
Fixed Income          
  FixedIncomeMarket agencyMarketBreadth agencyMarketBreadthMock available yes
  FixedIncomeMarket agencyMarketSentiment agencyMarketSentimentMock available yes
  FixedIncomeMarket corporate144AMarketBreadth corporate144AMarketBreadthMock available yes
  FixedIncomeMarket corporate144AMarketSentiment corporate144AMarketSentimentMock available yes
  FixedIncomeMarket corporateMarketBreadth corporateMarketBreadthMock available yes
  FixedIncomeMarket corporateMarketSentiment corporateMarketSentimentMock available yes
  FixedIncomeMarket securitizedProductsCappedVolume securitizedProductsCappedVolumeMock available yes
  FixedIncomeMarket treasuryWeeklyAggregates treasuryWeeklyAggregatesMock available yes