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GET Data

Returns data from specified dataset in deliminated (default) or JSON format depending on the value of the ACCEPT header in the request.

GET /data/group/{group name}/name/{dataset name}

Optional Request Parameters

parameter description default
fields Comma delimited list of field names to retrieve all fields are returned

Number of records to return. 

NOTE: See the Platform Usage Limits page for more details.


Record number to start with (exclusive). Range of records to be returned is offset record plus limit. If offset is 0 and limit is 20, then records 1 to 20 are returned for a total of 20 records. If offset is 10 and limit is 10, then records 11 to 20 are returned.

NOTE: See the Platform Usage Limits page for more details.

quotevalues Can be used to specify if values should be quoted if the Accept header is text/plain. true
async The API request type. Set to true to specify an asynchronous request. Set to false to specify an synchronous request. false
sortFields Comma delimited list of field names to sort by. You can prepend a + or - before the field name to specify an ascending or descending sort on that field respectively. See the Sorting Restrictions page for more details. no sorting performed

Request Headers

header required description default
Authorization required Contains the word Basic followed by a space and a base64-encoded string of the form "clientid:clientsecret". n/a
Accept optional Can be used to specify a format for the data returned. Supports (application/json, text/plain). If the native data format cannot be converted between JSON/CSV then a status code of 400 will be returned. If an unsupported MIME type is supplied, then  a status code 406 is returned. text/plain
Data-API-Version optional Used to specify version of the API to use. version 1

Sample Request,issueName,weekStartDate,totalWeeklyShareQuantity

Sample Response (text/plain)

"A","Agilent Technologies","5841"
"A","Agilent Technologies","9700"
"A","Agilent Technologies","92700"
"A","Agilent Technologies","14217"
"A","Agilent Technologies","141400"
"A","Agilent Technologies","69700"
"A","Agilent Technologies","1851131"
"A","Agilent Technologies","181689"
"A","Agilent Technologies","13800"
"A","Agilent Technologies","32711"