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Implementation Process

1. Request Test Access

To get started you will need to request access to our test environment. The username and password you select represent the API Client ID and API Client Secret needed to access test data via API.

Click on the REQUEST TEST ACCESS menu option to obtain test credentials.

Test credentials WILL NOT provide access to production data via the API platform. You will need to follow the process in step 3 below to access production data.


  1. After requesting test access, you will receive a confirmation email containing a temporary password. You MUST follow the instructions provided in the confirmation email to reset the temporary password in order to fully activate your API access. If you do not complete this process in a timely manner this account may be terminated according to FINRA Entitlement Program rules.
  2. The username and password you receive are used to create a Basic Auth token in accordan with the instructions here.
  3. When changing your temporary password do not include special characters in your new password in order to be compatible with base64 encoding of the password as part of creating your Basic Auth token.

2. Research and Development

API developers can utilize the test credentials received in Step 1 above to begin to test and evaluate available APIs. Each dataset delivered via the API platform will have test data available. The test data will be a representative sample but may be randomized or mock data. This data can be used by third-party developers to evaluate available APIs and to to test their integrations with the FINRA API platform.

Visit the API Basics page to learn about the fundamentals of using the FINRA API platform including the available endpoints that allow you to get access to meta-data and provide advanced filtering functionality.

Visit the Datasets page to find details about the available test datasets.

Visit the Platform Usage page to review details on how to access large datasets.

If you have questions regarding the use of the FINRA API platform click on the SUPPORT menu option to review frequently ask questions or to submit a support request. FINRA staff will respond to all questions as soon as possible.


  1. The test data is a SAMPLE of the data available in production. It is not the complete dataset available in production.
  2. FINRA staff cannot write or debug code for third-party developers.

3. Production Access

Once you are ready to move your test integration with the FINRA API platform into production, please reference this page.