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Production Access

Beginning 10/4/2021 FINRA is modifying how obtaining production access to the FINRA API platform works in preparation for the next version of the platform that will allow for self-service API Credential provisioning (targeting January 2022).

During the period of 10/4/2021 thru 12/31/2021 (the soft launch period), gaining access to the API platform will be a manual process.



  1. An Authorized signatory for your firm will be required to sign the FINRA API License Agreement.
  2. Your firm must agree to pay the API fees via  your firm's flex payment account (EBill) when accessing Firm data.
  3. During the soft launch period, we cannot provide production API access to individuals. Individuals may still create test credentials to explore the API platform.
  4. During the soft launch period access to the Public API credential type will be limited to those organizations that already have a FINRA Entitlement Agreement in place.
  5. If you are a service provider or other vendor providing services on behalf of a FINRA member firm, we will need to coordinate with you AND a representative of the member firm in order to provision production API credentials. Service provider access on behalf of firms cannot be done without the approval of the responsible representatives of the firm. You will be required to provide contact information at the member firm when requesting production access.
  6. Before submitting a Go Live request, please review the specific production access requirements, terms and conditions, and FAQ for each API you are interested in. This information is found on the Product page for each API


To request production access send an email to [email protected] and provide the following information:

  1. Requester organization name
  2. Requester organization CRD# (if a FINRA member firm)
  3. Requester name
  4. Requester contact phone number
  5. The API Credential Type you would like to provision (please review the API Platform Fee Structure to understand fees that may apply)
  6. Billing information (required for all requests to establish API account even if no fees will be charged (e.g. Public Credential requested)
    • Billing contact name

    • Billing contact email

    • Billing address (street, city, state, zipcode, country)

    • Billing phone/fax (optional)


Production API accounts provisioned pior to 10/4/2021 to access the Registration, Equity, Firm, and Fixed Income datasets are not affected by this change.