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GET Data

Returns data from specified dataset in deliminated (default) or JSON format depending on the value of the ACCEPT header in the request.

GET /data/group/{group name}/name/{dataset name}

Optional Request Parameters

parameter description default
fields Comma delimited list of field names to retrieve all fields are returned

Number of records to return. 

NOTE: See the Platform Usage Limits page for more details.


Record number to start with (exclusive). Range of records to be returned is offset record plus limit. If offset is 0 and limit is 20, then records 1 to 20 are returned for a total of 20 records. If offset is 10 and limit is 10, then records 11 to 20 are returned.

NOTE: See the Platform Usage Limits page for more details.

quotevalues Can be used to specify if values should be quoted if the Accept header is text/plain. true

Request Headers

header required description default
Authorization required Contains the word Basic followed by a space and a base64-encoded string of the form "clientid:clientsecret". n/a
Accept optional Can be used to specify a format for the data returned. Supports (application/json, text/plain). If the native data format cannot be converted between JSON/CSV then a status code of 400 will be returned. If an unsupported MIME type is supplied, then  a status code 406 is returned. text/plain
Data-API-Version optional Used to specify version of the API to use. version 1

Sample Request,issueName,weekStartDate,totalWeeklyShareQuantity

Sample Response (text/plain)

"A","Agilent Technologies","5841"
"A","Agilent Technologies","9700"
"A","Agilent Technologies","92700"
"A","Agilent Technologies","14217"
"A","Agilent Technologies","141400"
"A","Agilent Technologies","69700"
"A","Agilent Technologies","1851131"
"A","Agilent Technologies","181689"
"A","Agilent Technologies","13800"
"A","Agilent Technologies","32711"