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July 2020 Update

A number of enhancements have been added to the API platform in the June-July 2020 timeframe. These include:

  • Additional Registration datasets were added:
    • Registered Individual Registration Status History
    • Registered Individual Branch Office Locations
    • Branch Office Registrations
    • Firm Registrations
    • Firm Disclosures
  • Additional Fixed Income dataset added:
    • Corporate and Agency Capped Volume

Visit the Datasets page for more information and utilize the meta-data endpoint to retrieve details on the fields returned for each dataset.

In addition a number of updates to the FINRA API Developer Center website were made including:

  • Adding specific production access requirements and terms and conditions for each API product
  • Updating the production access process to include a web form that makes it easier to submit a production access request

Finally, the underlying technlogy platform was upgraded to provide for additionial scalability, reliability, and to support future planned features. The technology upgrades are transparent to API users but should any issues arise after 7/31/2020 please contact API support so that we can resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Much more is planned for later this summer and into the fall, so stay tuned.