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Request Test Access

To obtain Test API credentials simply select the REQUEST TEST ACCESS menu option and provide the required information. You will receive an email that contains a  username and password, as well as a link for the required change of the initial temporary password.

The username and password are used as a Basic Authentication token (your API Key) on all API requests. See the Authorization topic for more information.


  1. When changing the temporary password emailed to you, only use the following characters in the new password: [A-Z][a-z][0-9] in order to be compatible with Base64 encoding.
  2. The username is the API Client in the Basic Authentication token.
  3. The password is the API Secret in the Basic Authentication token.
  4. The API Key can only be used to access TEST data. You will need to go through the production provisioning process to obtain credentials that have access to production data.
  5. The API test credentials will expire after 30 days if they are not used to authenticate at least once.
  6. The API test credential password (API Secret) expires and will have to be changed every 120 days. Visit and follow forgot password flow to obtain new password.
  7. Check your SPAM filter or JUNK MAIL folders for the temporary password email.