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Market Transparency Datasets

The datasets shown in the table below are available as part of the Market Transparency API.

The API platform utilizes the concept of datasets to deliver a variety of data via the GET Data and POST Data endpoints. All datasets are associated with a dataset group and have a dataset name. Therefore the GET Data and POST data endpoints utilize the following structure:

/data/group/{group name}/name/{dataset name}

Utilize the /metadata/group/{group name}/name/{dataset name} endpoint to retrieve details of the fields for each dataset.



  1. The Market Transparency Datasets do not require production API credentials and therefore you can utilize these datasets without providing an Authorization token on API requests.
  2. The data provided in the test datasets is a small SAMPLE of the data available in production.


API dataset group name dataset name test dataset name status production provisioning required
Market Transparency OTCMarket        
NEW   regShoDaily regShoDailyMock available no
    equityShortInterest equityShortInterestMock available no
    thresholdList thresholdListMock available no
    weeklySummary weeklySummaryMock available no
    monthlySummary monthlySummaryMock available no
    blocksSummary blocksSummaryMock available no
    otcBlocksSummary otcBlocksSummaryMock available no