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About FINRA Content

FINRA created regulatory related content


Available Datasets

The API platform utilizes the concept of datasets to deliver a variety of data via the Data Out API endpoints.

FINRA's current and historical rules and regulations

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Production Access

Once you are ready to move your integration with the FINRA API platform into production simply click the Get Production Access button shown here. Please indicate that you are interested in Firm or Organization API Credential (depending on your organizaiton type) in your request.

See the Terms and Conditions section below for additional requirements.

Request Production Access to the FINRA Content API!

Please click on the button below to request access to the production FINRA Content API.

Terms & Conditions

The FINRA Content API is available to FINRA member firms and other third-party organizations.

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Get Started
Explore our APIs using test data before you commit to full implementation.
Explore the API
Review our documentation to become familiar with our API offerings and technology.