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Web EFT Sunset

The Web EFT data subscription service is scheduled to be sunset on November 15, 2024. All associated xml file uploads and downloads will be completely retired as of that date. Current subscribers wishing to continue making automated data transfers with FINRA must transition to using the new FINRA API platform. See the Important Milestones section below for additional details.

This page has been created specifically for firms making this transition and will be updated regularly as the sunset date approaches. Please contact FINRA if you are a Web EFT subscriber with questions about migrating to the API Platform.


2024 Monthly Webinar Presentations



Important Milestones

NumberDeliverablesDescriptionProduction DateCompleted (Yes/No)
1Pause API billing until end of 2023Pause API billing until end of 2023 (Web EFT billing continues)April 2023Yes
2Pre-Registration v2 DatasetThe new enhanced pre-registration dataset provides comprehensive individual data, including disclosure information.June 2023Yes
3API Test EnvironmentEnables API customers to identify and resolve issues related to integration with Submission and Notification APIs prior to production release.July 2023Yes
4Create Individual New capability that enables member firms  to create an initial registration record for an individual that includes the generation of a CRD number.
October 2023Yes
5U4 SubmissionNew capability that enables member firms  to submit registration data (U4) via FINRA Submission API.
October 2023Yes
6Mapping Documentation between Individual Reports in WebEFT and New Composite Individual Dataset

Mapping Documentation between following Individual Reports in WebEFT and New Composite Individual Dataset is available under Composite Individual Dataset documentation.

  1. Individual Information Report
  2. Post Annual Continuing Education Report
  3. Post Investment Adviser Continuing Education Report
  4. Post Enrollments Report
  5. Post Exams Report
  6. Post Pending Report
  7. Post Termination Report
November 2023Yes
7Composite Individual DatasetThe Composite Individual dataset offers comprehensive information about an individual based on their Individual CRD Number. The dataset includes registration records of the individual associated with the requesting firm, along with information about individuals who have left the firm in the last 30 days. 
December 2023Yes
8Individual Delta DatasetThis new capability allows firms to obtain Individual Representatives in real-time for whom FINRA-stored registration information has changed during the given datetime range. Once the Individual CRD is received, Composite Individual Dataset can then be used to get latest information for the individual.
December 2023Yes
9U5 SubmissionProvides ability to firms to submit U5 forms via FINRA Submission API FrameworkDecember 2023Yes
10API Billing Resumes (Web EFT billing ends)API billing resumes (Web EFT billing ends)January 1, 2024Yes
11Sunset WebEFT API CredentialWebEFT API Credential will no longer have access to FINRA Query API.January 17, 2024Yes
12Updates to Composite Individual and Individual Delta DatasetPlease refer to the changes hereFebruary 2nd  2024Yes
14Updates to Composite Individual DatasetPlease refer to the changes here.Mid February 2024Yes
15Composite Individual Seed JobProvides data download via API of all the individuals currently employed by the requesting firm and individuals terminated. The data elements for this dataset will be the same as in Composite Individual Dataset.  QA Test Date: February 21st 2024

PROD: Early March, 2024
16Additional changes related to Composite IndividualPlease see here.End of February 2024Yes
16BR Submission Provides ability for firms to submit Form BR via FINRA Submission API. April 2024Yes
17Mapping Between WebEFT Branch Reports and Composite Branch DatasetMapping between WebEFT Branch Reports and Composite Branch Dataset is included in the Composite Branch schema.April 2024Yes
18Composite Branch Dataset  Composite Branch Dataset provides comprehensive information about the firm's branch offices. April 2024Yes
19Branch Delta DatasetProvides a list of Branch CRDs whose information has changed for a given datetime rangeApril 2024Yes
20Branch ListGives a list of active Branch CRDs for a requesting firmApril 2024Yes
21Post Accounting DatasetProvides ability for firms to get account transaction for a specified day.May 2024No
22NRF SubmissionProvides ability for firms to submit Form NRF (Non Registered Fingerprint form) via the FINRA Submission API.July 2024No
23Update to Individual delta to include domainsUpdate to Individual Delta to include domain where the change has happenedAug 2024No
24Real-time Notifications Real-time notifications based on Individual Information change.Sept 2024No
25Remaining Web EFT posting reportsGaps will be filled via either the Composite Individual or Composite Branch DatasetSept 2024No
26Sunset WebEFT Extension CredentialLegacy WebEFT Extension credential will no longer have access to FINRA Query APIs.November 15, 2024No
27Last day Web EFT is AvailableLast day Web EFT is available. XML reports no longer available and XML batch files no longer processed after this date.November 15, 2024No


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the FINRA API platform different from Web EFT?

         Answer:  Here are a few basic differences between Web EFT and the FINRA API platform:

  • Utilizes a batch file transfer model (XML format)
  • Data changes not available until the next day
  • Paper form entitlement process
  • Annual fee structure
  • Utilizes a REST web-service interface (JSON format)
  • Data changes available in real-time
  • Self-service API Credential management process
  • Monthly fee structure
  • Access to datasets related to Equity, Fixed Income, Firm in addition to Registration
  1. What are the steps to obtain access to the FINRA API platform?

            Answer:  Please have the firm’s Super Account Administrator (SAA) follow these steps to enable access to the FINRA API platform.


  1. How much does it cost to subscribe to the FINRA API platform?

           Answer: The monthly fee for firm subscribers is $1650 per month. See the FAQs at the bottom of this page for information about usage limits and fees for affiliated firms.


  1. Where can I find documentation for registration datasets that are already available in production?

           Answer: Please visit this page for documentation on available registration datasets. As new datasets are introduced, they will be added to the same page.


  1. Are the available datasets exactly the same as the legacy Web EFT reports?

          Answer: While the same data elements provided via Web EFT will be available in the FINRA API, there will not necessarily be a 1-1 match between specific Web EFT reports and specific API datasets. FINRA is in the process of mapping the data elements across both platforms and will publish here once complete.


  1. How will I be notified of data changes within my firm?

           Answer: FINRA will provide a dataset listing CRD numbers whose information changed on a given day. In addition, in 2024, we will be working to provide real-time notifications related to changes in the information of individuals.


  1. If I’m utilizing a vendor, how does the vendor access my firm’s data via the FINRA API?

           Answer: As was the case with Web EFT, the firm will need to initiate a subscription and share credentials with the vendor in order for them to access data on the firm’s behalf.


  1. Is there a documentation I can review for the submission API?

           Answer: Yes, please see here for details related to the submission API.


      9. How can my firm access the API QA environment to test with realistic data?

          Answer: Once your firm has onboarded to the API (see FAQ#2 above), the firm's SAA can complete this form to request QA access on behalf of production account holders. To learn more about the QA Test environment, click here.


      10. Does FINRA have any examples of how to make API calls?

          Answer: While FINRA does not endorse any particular tool or programming language, please review this document for a basic example of how to use a common tool to call the API.


     11. When I compare Post Exams to Composite Individual, there seem to be discrepancies in exam status dates for individuals who took the SIE on their own before joining a firm. Can this be explained?

         Answer: The status fields are tracking different things. Composite Individual is showing the most recent status date of the original window, which is likely the date the test center reported the exam result to FINRA. On the other hand, Post Exams is tracking the date the Pass result was added to CRD based on a Form U4 submission.